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"The Quality of Your Life is Directly Related To the Quality of Your Food"   -- b.k.e.

Food independence through teaching, training, and demonstrating AQUAPONICS.

TGA is now partnered with Friendly Aquaponics,!! 

Aquaponics is a combination of hydroponics - growing without soil - and aquaculture - fish farming - yielding the MOST EFFICIENT, SUSTAINABLE FOOD PRODUCTION SYSTEM in the world today.

AQUAPONIC GROW SYSTEMS produce healthy, nutritious, delicious fruits and vegetables.  Grow systems can vary in size, from small apartment table-top or backyard family systems all the way up to large, commercial scale farms.

NO MORE tilling, weeding, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizing!

Aquaponics is a sustainable food production system that combines aquaculture (raising fish in tanks) and hydroponics (growing plants in water) so that both grow better.

  • Aquaponics uses 95% less water than traditional farming methods!!
  • Aquaponics is energy-efficient: our current systems use 90% less energy than conventional farming does.
  • Aquaponics uses electrical energy, so the systems can be converted to wind or solar power and go completely off grid!
  • Aquaponics has 8-10 X more vegetable production in the same area and time.
  • Aquaponic systems with mosquito fish eradicate mosquitoes in a LARGE surrounding area!
  • Aquaponics is pure, clean, and natural; it can even be certified organic!
  • Aquaponics is easy to learn and operate: anyone can do this!

In contrast to hydroponics systems, where the aim is to have a sterile system to avoid disease outbreaks, aquaponics systems are teeming with life. They are miniature human-made ecosystems: there are mosquito fish, prawns, tilapia, water fleas, and little red worms in our systems. Those are just the things visible with the naked eye; there are also myriad smaller creatures and bacteria, all of which contribute to the incredible health, dynamic strength, and stability of these systems.


I strongly believe what my wife taught me... "the quality of your life is directly related to the quality of your food." I have known, since the day I stumbled across aquaponics, 7 years ago, that I would learn it, apply it and help to perpetuate it. As a 20 plus year organic Gardner and Master Gardner, I immediately recognized the many benefits that aquaponics has over in ground growing. So the future of our farm was firmly set. As we began our journey into learning aquaponics we quickly realized that aquaponics , properly applied, has the capability of solving the "quality food" issue that challenged us personally and haunts our country.

Back in the dark ages, 7 years ago, there was little awareness and limited resources to turn to for educational input. I searched and found S&S Solutions out of Missouri and UVI. With my wife's illness I could not, both from a time and financial aspect get to the UVI training. Fortunately S&S offer a DIY course. I became a student of the game, applying what I was learning with a relentless search for more information. I was hooked to say the least! For the next several years I researched aquaponics and cancer. I continued to apply what I was learning in the limited time I had available. When they came on the scene, I purchase everything written that Nelson Pade would sell. I would speak with Joel (Backyard Aquaponics) and take his course. I watched when Murray entered the picture and I applied his videos and training. When Friendly Aquaponics entered the picture, I began taking their DIY courses and ultimately took them all. I continued to apply what I was learning while balancing... Never balancing... Juggling my wife's care and a full time business.

I began to see what I thought was a hobby and maybe a part-time income producer quickly turning into a business for many. I watched some, like a predator, pounce to make quick profit off the growing interest in aquaponics with books and expensive systems. I watched Will Allen create national awareness with his community-supported operation.

I knew that I needed to be significantly more involved and that I could not remain on the sidelines any longer. So, 2 years ago, as I carefully reviewed this input (from the past 5 years) from all of the sources. I concluded that the "Friendly Way" was the best way. Not only from functional, efficient, scalable, profitable system building, also from a personal standpoint. I learned that Tim and Susanne actually provide everything they know to everyone they train every time. No strings, no up-sale later.

I felt like I could choose any of them to be affiliated with. Heck, I was (aquaponically) raised by all of them. I wanted to share our passions to perpetuate this growing method, so after discussing this with Tim and Susanne, they agreed. We partnered and here I am.

Here are the details on the best method of Aquaponic growing currently known to mankind. Join us!

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